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Inverloch, Victoria

Gayle Beveridge-Marien

Writer, Photographer, Retiree

Hi, I’m Gayle. I’m passionate about writing, photography, sunsets, dogs, bird watching and chocolate and with Victoria’s beautiful Bass Coast which I now call home. In a past life I was an accountant, (don’t hold it against me), but now I’m free.

Wonthaggi Wetlands Conservation Park

Places to Go and Things to Do

Check out my articles on

Weekend Notes

for weekend getaways, holiday locations, outback Australia, parks and gardens, wildlife parks, museums and collections, photography, writing competitions and more.

A beaked earthstar fungus

Five Minute Reads

A selection of very short stories

Very short stories for readers who are pressed for time but still want to be entertained.

The stages of an eclipse

Short Stories

A selection of short stories

Stories of no particular genre or theme, written for the love of writing with the aim to entertain.

Purple swamphen
Lily Pily Berries

Writing Exercises for Groups or Individuals

Quick exercises to flex your writing muscle or to challenge your writing club.

Exercises and Worked Examples

Created with GIMP

Photo Essays

  • What is a photo essay?
  • Should it be able to stand alone without narrative?
  • What sets a photo essay apart from just a collection of photos?

A selection of photo essays

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